Mabinogi is a korean MMO (as if there are many MMOs that aren't korean nowadays)made by Nexon. This company is mainly responsible for bringing the official version of Maple Story (shudder), Audition, and Shattered Galaxy (Known as Tactical Commander in Korea). Generally, they're a big company and the localization of Mabinogi made me jump off my chair, fluff up the seat to fix the creases and yell out in joy.

I feel that Mabinogi is one of those games that pushes the MMO envelope of questing and click-grinding. There are many aspects to character development that make this game amazing.

Who Doesn't like Naruto??

 Or any other drawings by famous animanian<(made up word) television shows. Here you can Find drawing and sketches done by big fans which you are welcome to print off and sketch your self. Check often for new photos!

Puzzle Pirates

Play one of the best interactive online games of the year! PUZZLE PIRATES!

 Every activity in Puzzle Pirates is a quick fun game, from commanding a fleet of warships, to pumping the bilge out of one! And with thousands of fellow pirates about there's always friends for a hand of cards, a friendly swordfight or a rowdy drink!
Create and customize a pirate, collect booty and join player-run crews! Everything is built on yer own personality and puzzling skills!, psp game downloads, games, game companies